Executive Board Members

Our Executive Board consists of the main people who run this club. There are 5 positions including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and our Communications Director. We also have both a Faculty and Staff Sponsor.

LGBT club photo.jpg

Jack (He/Him)- President

Hey I'm Jack, I serve as president of the club, and lead most meetings. I'm working to change from being a theater major to the political science transfer pathway. I enjoy horror movies, video games, and a nice cup of coffee due to my experience as a barista. I like to think I'm a great cat dad to my cat Leia. I'm also ftm transgender and identified as both bi and polyamorous.

I am the current host of our system, click here to learn about a few more of us.

Avery (She/Her) - Vice President

Hi, I’m Avery!! I’m the Vice President around here, and also the club’s youngest member. I hope to be graduating in spring 2021 and as your VP, my job consists of event planning and assisting/taking over if the President is going through it. I hope to see you at club soon!

Kiesap (He/Him)- Secretary

Hi there, I'm Kiesap and I'm the Club's Secretary.

Torri (She/Her)- Treasurer

Hello I'm Torri, I am the Treasurer for LGBT+ club. Right now I am pursuing my generals as well as a computer science degree. Some of my hobbies are reading, singing, and cleaning. 

KC (They/Them, Vey/Vem)- Communications Director

Hello! I'm KC, the club's Communications Director. My job consists of maintaining our social media and email, creating advertisement, and platforms like this website for easy access to information about our club. I'm going to Inver Hills through PSEO and this club has been an excellent source of social interactions this semester. I love meeting new people and I hope to see you at our club soon!

Amy Zsohar (She/Her)- Faculty Sponsor

Hey! I'm Amy and I am the club's faculty sponsor. I teach communication classes, works on the diversity council, and call myself "the loudest queer on campus." When I'm not at school, I spend time with my spouse Shawn, our dog Java, and our cats Nicki and Nigel. I am OBSESSED with live theater, bad Hallmark movies, and Schitt's Creek. I am committed to being present for the club and am always willing to help support our club. 

Rachael Youngren (She/Her)- Staff Sponsor

Hi I'm Rachael and I have been with Inver Hills since October of 2019 and am currently working as an Admissions Advisor and is a Co-Advisor of the LGBT Club on campus. I wanted to get involved with club to bring about positive changes for the LGBT community on campus and beyond.  In my free time, I enjoy playing pickleball, spending time with family and friends, and learning.